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RSC CICAG Open Source Tools for Chemistry Workshops


In 2020 RSC CICAG ran a 5 day virtual meeting on Open Source Chemical Sciences, this event had three streams Open Data. Open Publishing and Open Source tools for Chemistry. The Open Source tools for Chemistry workshops proved to be enormously popular and so CICAG held a series of monthly workshops through 2021. These workshops covered a variety of Open Source tools and resources ranging from visualisation tools, data analysis using cheminformatics toolkits, and online resources like the PDB.

These workshops were all recorded and are available on the CICAG YouTube channel, as we plan for this years workshops I thought it might be timely to remind everyone what is now available and also to thank all the presenters and developers who made the workshops possible. I've included links to all the workshops below

PDB workshop 2 using Mol*
PDB workshop 1 Registration system
Clustering using KNIME
Web apps for fragment-based drug discovery
Introduction to Cheminformatics and Machine Learning
Oxford Protein Informatics Group antibody modelling tools
Advanced DataWarrior
Chemical Structure validation/standardisation
UsingGoogleCoLab workshop
Fragalysis workshop
Knime workshop
PyMOL workshop

These workshops have now been viewed nearly 13,500 times and some of the comments are worth highlighting

I am not sure why this software is not famous. This is presumably the best chemoinformatics software I have seen, Great presentation!

Two hours of distilled pure science.

These workshops were sponsored by Liverpool Chirochem.

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