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I’ve had a few hardware problems recently so I was looking at a few backup options.

Since I have a MobileMe account (aka .Mac) this offers offsite backup, really easy to setup but limited capacity and would be a pain to upload large amounts of data.

The option I actually implemented was to add a second internal hard drive
MacUpgrades are a great resource not only for finding the relevant piece of hardware but also for detailed instructions on how to actually install it. If you don’t want to do it yourself they also provide an installation service, however installing a second hard drive on the desktop Macs is a very simple procedure. At the moment a IBM (Hitachi) Deskstar 7K500 SATAII 500GB costs around £50 which seems a bargain. I’m sure if browse around you can probably find cheaper.

I looked at external hard drives but whilst they offer greater flexibility it does come at increased cost, especially if you want to connect using something faster than USB 2.0. Time Capsule from Apple looks really nice but at around £200 for 500 GB is rather expensive even if it has a built-in airport base station. Then I came across the article on
Hard Mac in which they suggest buying the 500 GB model and then upgrading the hard drive, since you can buy a 1.5TB hard drive for around £100. They give a step by step guide to the upgrade (with photos), not a trivial process but certainly worth considering.

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