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KnowledgeMiner (yX) for Excel updated

KnowledgeMiner (yX) for Excel is a knowledge mining tool that works with data stored in Microsoft Excel for building predictive and descriptive models from this data autonomously and easily. It supports both major releases of Microsoft Excel, 2004 and 2008. The modeling engine of KnowledgeMiner (yX) for Excel implements unique modeling technologies which are built on the principles of self-organization: Learning from noisy data an unknown relationship between output and input of any given system in an evolutionary way from a very simple model to an optimal complex one which generalizes well.
KnowledgeMiner (yX) for Excel implements a completely redesigned and redeveloped modeling engine called (yX). It is based on the modeling technologies also found in the established
KnowledgeMiner 6.0 software.
I’ve also updated the page of
Data Analysis tools
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