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The Data analysis app Wizard Pro has been updated


Wizard Pro has just been updated. Wizard Pro is a data analysis application with easy exploration in mind. The new release notes include


  • Database support: import from SQLite, MS Access, MySQL, and PostgreSQL
  • Numbers '13 support
  • Timestamp / time-of-day support
  • Customizable data partitions. Separate numeric data into groups of equal size, intervals of equal width, or user-defined intervals
  • Best-fit lines on scatterplots, and reference lines on Q-Q plots
  • Visualize critical values and p-values with the new Bottom Line popover (see screenshots)
  • New "Copy Predicted Values" menu item applies a predictive model to the full data set


  • Histograms are much sharper now
  • More tick marks and labels on all the graphics
  • Full access to the Column tools from inside the Raw Data view
  • New preference option: choose a "Friendly" or "Neutral" font for The Bottom Line
  • Filtered and frequency-weighted models run much faster than before
  • Excel output is much prettier -- with bold, italics, and indentation for clarity.


  • Exporting data now has a progress bar and a Cancel button
  • Support for up to 6 data filters
  • Support for up to 5 pivot columns

There are more graphing or plotting applications on the data analysis page.

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