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When I created the Mobile Science site I did wonder how popular it would be. I occasionally check the page views and September has proved to be the busiest month to date with over 2400 page views.

As you might expect the three most recent additions generated the most page views with Computable a iPython system for the iPad topped the list, closely followed by the Medicinal Chemistry Toolkit an app designed to help drug designers. In third place was Chemical Valence a teaching aid to learn about chemical bonding.

In fourth place was ChemDoodle Mobile this is the iPhone and iPad companion to the popular chemical publishing desktop application, this app has also proved to be the most popular upvoted on the mobile science site. Two apps tied for fifth place Elemental and ChemDraw for iPad.

I’ve tagged each of the applications in order to make searching a little easier and the most popular tag is Chemical Drawing, closely followed by Molecule Viewer.

There are now 340 entries spanning a diverse area of science, if anyone knows of any that I’ve missed feel free to send me the App Store link.

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