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Gigawiz release Citrin

I see Gigawiz the creators of Aabel recently reviewed on MacResearch here have new application as a featured demo download on the Apple Math & Science, today:
Citrin 1.0: A low-cost ($120), high-performance Mac OS X universal application for interactive scientific graphing and curve fitting, providing commonly-used charts, such as scatter and line series, bar, column, area, 3-D (column, pyramid, prism, area and band), ternary scatter, pie, polar, box and whisker, histograms, probability charts, etc.; curve fitting with built-in functions, as well as a module for user-defined, non-linear curve fitting with an interactive graphical interface; flexible capabilities for applying error bars; full Unicode support, diverse graphic export formats; support for drag-and-drop; native worksheets that can import and store large data sets from diverse data formats.

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