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Data Extractor has been updated


Data Extractor has been updated to version 1.4. Data Extractor allows to extract data in a sparse format contained inside various files and collect the data you need in an internal structured table. Collected data can be exported at any time in various format (CSV, TSV, HTML, Custom). Data extractor can parse thousands and thousands of file in few seconds and collect the data inside. It uses simple smart instructions about how to recognize the data you need, how to extract them and where to put these data inside a structured table, ready to be exported.

Update includes

  • Usage of prefix to identify a data with data on a newline (prefix with newline at end)
  • More resilient extraction algorithm
  • Faster algorithm, often 10x time faster of the previous release
  • Improved multithreading capabilities
  • Fast adding of DataBase fields during 'Extraction Rules' editing and adding
  • Extraction of data based on position (example: 3th element of a tab separated values row) at popular demand
  • Solved a bug causing crash during extractions under certain circumstances
  • Solved a bug with double newline at the end of files
  • Solved a bug under other specific text characteristic of files to extract
  • Other generic bug fixes

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