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I presented iBabel at the CompLife 06 meeting in Cambridge in September and one of the features that attracted much interest was the use of the ChemSpotlight plugin created by Geoff Hutchison. ChemSpotlight indexes chemistry files, adds molecular formulas (complete with subscripts in the Finder), molecular weight, SMILES strings and a variety of other information for Spotlight searches and “Get Info” windows. iBabel uses this information to enable the user to do chemically intelligent searches. Recently I've been contacted by a couple of people who are interested in writing additional scientific spotlight plugins and I thought it might be useful to have a forum topic on MacResearch to capture the discussion.

So to kick off, if anyone is writing plugins please add it to the discussion. If you have file types that you would like indexing I'd hope that there might be programmers who could help. Would you like a tutorial on writing spotlight plugins?

Please add any comments to the forum topic
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