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Poll How do you pronounce zsh?


The poll results are here.

As people migrate to Catalina there is an option to update your default shell.

zsh is the new default shell for new users (bash is the default shell in macOS Mojave and earlier), so if you are upgrading you may want to change your default shell to zsh.

Paul Falstad wrote the first version of Zsh in 1990[6] while a student at Princeton University.[7] The name zsh derives from the name of Yale professor Zhong Shao (then a teaching assistant at Princeton University) — Paul Falstad regarded Shao's login-id, "zsh", as a good name for a shell.

You might also like to look at oh-my-zsh

A delightful community-driven (with 1,300+ contributors) framework for managing your zsh configuration. Includes 200+ optional plugins (rails, git, OSX, hub, capistrano, brew, ant, php, python, etc), over 140 themes to spice up your morning, and an auto-update tool so that makes it easy to keep up with the latest updates from the community.

So while it was pretty obvious how to pronounce "Bash" (The shell's name is an acronym for Bourne-again shell, a pun on the name of the Bourne shell that it replaced), but what about "zsh"?

This book might also be useful Moving to zsh.

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