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I’m not a Fortran user myself but I know a lot of scientists swear by it for high performance code, so I thought I’d mention Nocturnal Aviation Software the creators of FTranProjectBuilder the only Mac-native Fortran development environment (IDE) it works with the gfortran, g95, ifort, Absoft Pro Fortran, NAG nagfor and PGI pgfortran compilers.


FTranProjectBuilder is for scientists, engineers and students. It's useful for large, complex projects, but makes even simple programs easy to manage. To speed up program development it has:

  • Single window interface
  • Editor, console and notes views
  • Project wide search
  • Execution input from console or file
  • Execution timer
  • Errors and search results organized by file in outline view
  • Add files by drag and drop, or import an existing makefile

FTranProjectBuilder manages the dependencies, object and module files, program executable and a standard makefile for you. You spend your time working on your code. FTranprojectBuilder does the rest.