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I just came across a new Electronic LabNotebook (ELN), eLabFTW is an open source solution powered by PHP/MySQL in Docker containers. One install can be for a team, or the whole institution. You can also install it on your computer for a personal notebook.

All the user needs is a web browser to access the notebook.

Upload any type of files, embed images in the text, Draw doodles directly with your mouse, Use templates for your experiments, Draw molecules with Chemdoodle, REST API for accessing programmatically your experiments, SAML2 authentication if you have an identity provider, Growing community of users and contributors scrutinizing the code and improving it, Highly customizable: you can change the colors, the status list, the items types list, etc. Can fit any kind of lab (chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, etc.)

Full details are available here and there is a presentation here

There is also a demo account available

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