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Mobile Molecular Datasheet updated


The Mobile Molecular Datasheet has been updated to version 1.6.0.

Property calculation now includes Bayesian models. For individual models, the results are shown as a probability estimate, and a molecular overlay showing the atoms that contributed (ECFP6) fingerprints to the better/worse features. For whole datasheets, probabilities are calculated and stored in a column for each row. In this version, models included are: Solubility, Lipinski Probelike, hERG, KCNQ1, Bubonic Plague, Chagas Disease, Malaria and Tuberculosis.

The ability to import and create new Bayesian models will be added in a followup release.

The app has also been extended to integrate with the iCloud document picker extensions: files can be imported or exported to iCloud folders, as well as other compatible file sharing services, like Dropbox

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