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I’ve just been sent a link to GenomeBrowse, this allows the user to explore DNA-seq and RNA-seq pile-up and coverage data in an intuitive manner. Whether viewing one file or many, an integrated approach is taken to exploring your data in the context of rich annotation tracks. Features include: * Zooming and navigation controls that are natural as they mimic panning and scrolling actions you are familiar with. * Coverage and pile-up views with different modes to highlight mismatches and look for strand bias. * Deep, stable stacking algorithms to look at all reads in a pile-up zoom, not just the first 10 or 20. * Context-sensitive information by clicking on any feature. See allele frequencies in control databases, functional predictions of a non-synonymous variants, exon positions of genes, or even details of a single sequenced read. * A dynamic labeling system which gives optimal detail on annotation features without cluttering the view. * The ability to automatically index and compute coverage data on BAM or VCF files in the background.

GenomeBrowse integrates with the powerful Golden Helix SNP & Variation Suite (SVS) analysis platform. SVS can be used to build custom annotations and perform variant analysis, while GenomeBrowse can visualize findings and validate the evidence for putative variants.

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