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ChemDoodle 3D v6.2 Released with Anaglyph Augmented Reality Features


An interesting update to the popular 3D molecule viewer Chemdoodle 3D.

ChemDoodle 3D v6.2 introduces advanced and customizable anaglyph support for augmented reality (AR) right on your computer. Now you can fully visualize the 3D molecules you are building in 3D! If you have red-cyan anaglyph glasses, you will see the above image in 3D.


There are a choice of glasses on Amazon, ranging from inexpensive plastic and card Cyan/Red/Blue 3D Glasses to more durable plastic 3D glasses there are also Clip-On for Wearers of prescription glasses

In addition to the classic red-cyan glasses, green-magenta and amber-blue glasses are supported as well.

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