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3D printing large models


Whilst I've seen lots of examples of printed small models this is the first time I've seen an example of models suitable for using as teaching aids in a lecture theatre, excellent idea.

Three-Dimensional Printing of a Scalable Molecular Model and Orbital Kit for Organic Chemistry Teaching and Learning DOI

Three-dimensional (3D) chemical models are a well-established learning tool used to enhance the understanding of chemical structures by converting two-dimensional paper or screen outputs into realistic three-dimensional objects. While commercial atom model kits are readily available, there is a surprising lack of large molecular and orbital models that could be used in large spaces. As part of a program investigating the utility of 3D printing in teaching, a modular size-adjustable molecular model and orbital kit was developed and produced using 3D printing and was used to enhance the teaching of stereochemistry, isomerism, hybridization, and orbitals.

Now added to the 3D-printing page.

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