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Everyday AppleScriptObjC Third Edition


El Capitan has brought a few changes to ApplescriptObjC and so I thought it would be a good time to mention Shane Stanley's absolutely invaluable book Everyday AppleScriptObjC now in it's Third Edition.

AppleScriptObjC was a new framework in OS X v10.6 that allows Cocoa applications to be written in AppleScript, AppleScriptObjC was the replacement for AppleScript Studio. Using AppleScriptObjC, your AppleScript code can work with any Cocoa framework, and can function as a first-class citizen in the Cocoa world. The only problem was that documentation for AppleScriptObjC was pretty scarce and none of it was written from the viewpoint of a scripter looking to take advantage of the new options. Everyday AppleScriptObjC filled that void superbly giving a helping hand with the initial learning curve and offering detailed worked examples to demonstrate key features.

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