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SPRESImobile updated


SPRESImobile has been updated.

SPRESImobile provides you with a powerful and convenient way to access ChemReact, containing around 410,000 chemical reactions and related references. InfoChem created ChemReact for chemists who need information about effective reaction transformations. We achieved this by selecting representative examples of each reaction type from the larger SPRESI data collection of 1974-2001

New in Version 2.3 Updated for iOS8. 64-bit version

New in Version 2.2

NAME REACTION SEARCH: After registration users see a new button for name reaction searches in the reaction search form. Furthermore, all users (including those not registered) will see a new hyperlink with the Name Reaction in the reaction hit list, when named reactions are hits for a reaction search. This hyperlink allows users to retrieve all reactions assigned to the specific mechanism.

New in Version 2.0

REACTION SEARCH: Users are now able to perform a range of reaction searches, such as exact, substructure, similar and all-in-one within the new reaction search page

REACTION EDITOR: The MMDS structure editor by Molecular Materials Informatics has been modified to enable intuitive and easy reaction query submission.

INFO FOR SPRESIweb CREDENTIALS OWNERS: SPRESImobile users who own credentials for the SPRESIweb application containing now over 11.8 million molecules (5.4 million abstracted from the literature and 6.4 million from catalogs) and 4.2 million reactions, are now informed about the database they are searching via a short notice visible at the bottom of the SPRESImobile homepage.

There are now nearly 400 science apps on the Mobile Science website.

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