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WebMo Update

WebMO version 10.0 has been officially released and is available for FREE download at

WebMO is a web-based interface to popular computational chemistry programs including GAMESS, Gaussian, Molpro, MOPAC, NWChem, PC-Gamess, PQS, PSI, QChem, and Tinker.  WebMO permits users to build molecular structures, submit jobs, monitor job progress, and view text and graphical results using only a web-browser.  This web-based architecture gives users full access to state-of-the-art computational chemistry programs without the need to install any software on their computers.  It also minimizes license costs and maintenance time.

New features in WebMO version 10.0 include:
* Updated support for Gaussian09, MOPAC 2009, Gamess 2009, Molpro 2009, NW-Chem 5.1, PC-Gamess 7.1, PQS 3.3, Q-Chem 3.2, Tinker 5.0
* New support for PSI 3.5 and Firefly 7.1
* New Windows 7 support and improved Vista and OS X support
* Auto-resizing of Editor and Viewer applets to fit browser window size
* Dramatically improved MOViewer interface and memory usage
* Scaling of vibrational frequencies
* Save spectra as images or text files
* Save animations as movies (animated GIFs)
* Integration with system clipboard, printers, and filesystem
* Parsing and viewing of ESP charges in Gaussian
* Parsing and viewing of NBO natural population analysis
* Improved support for UHF and ROHF calculations
* Many user interface enhancements and bug fixes
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