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With all the iPhone excitement the release of the updated Mac mini server has perhaps not got the publicity it deserves.

If you have small business or need a server for your research group then this is well worth looking at. There was a recent review in PCMag and I quote this cost effectiveness section below which I think is particularly relevant.
Apple gets a lot of criticism for its prices, but that doesn't apply here. For a starting price of $999, you get the Mac mini and unlimited client licenses; Windows SBS costs $1,089 (for Standard edition), and doesn't include client licenses (connecting five additional devices or users to the server requires that you cough up an additional $385). The unlimited client licenses bundled with the Mac mini server are a great value for small businesses. If you are not going the OEM/reseller route, and choose to install SBS on a bare bones server, then you have to factor in hardware costs. A typical SMB server like the Asus Server TS500-E6/P4 ($699.00) which is sold bare bones, runs $713 bucks—an additional cost. That's nearly $2,200 to get set up for five licenses, versus the Mac mini's $1K, for unlimited licenses.”

If you want an easy to set up server then this a good choice, as well as FireWire 800, Ethernet and USB 2.0, it also comes with an HMDI interface so it could be used as a home server that can also be used as a media center linked to your TV.

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