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PhySyCalc is an interesting scientific calculator that lets you do full calculations but also lets you include the units. It also includes many useful mathematical functions, as well as a number of useful physical constants. Included also are the speed of light, and the mass of the electron, proton, and neutron, all with appropriate units, atomic weights, isotope weights, and isotope abundances.


PhySyCalc features include:

  • Intuitive, minimal buttons in portrait display for ease and speed of use
  • Quantity units supported in all calculations
  • Calculations entered in full before evaluating
  • Use of parenthesis within your calculations
  • Full featured scientific calculator
  • Left swipe display for unlimited undo. Makes it easy to find mistakes and correct them.
  • Right swipe display for redo
  • Two finger slide on display to reduce the number of significant figures
  • Complex numbers

Now added to the Mobile Science Page.

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