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Chirys View is a simple molecular spreadsheet for Mac OSX. It has been designed as a fast viewer for collections of molecules represented as an SDF file (Structured Data Format). On import molecular weight, exact mass, molecular formula, hydrogen bond acceptor and donor counts are automatically calculated. You can combine multiple SDF files by multiple file imports or by coping and pasting from one document into another. You can then save selected compounds as new SDF file.

I imported 1 million structures from ChEMBL and whilst it took a few minutes to load and used 27GB RAM it did so without complaints, scrolling down a list of a million compounds is a little impractical but list sorting is pretty responsive. I had a look at some of the more complex structures and they molecular layout seems excellent and clearly legible.


As a simple molecular selection tool Chirys View works very well. My only complaint is that when you import 3D structures (e.g. from a docking run) the structures can be difficult to discern (see below), it would be nice to have a convert to 2D option.


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