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Maple 12.01 Update
Maple 12.01, an all-platform maintenance update to Maple 12, is available to all users running Maple 12.  The Maple 12.01 update includes enhancements in a variety of areas, including:
: Numerous enhancements to performance of numerical solvers
Differential equations and differential algebraic equations
  • : Extended to include support for MATLAB 2008b
    MATLAB link
  • : Updates for Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Greek, Japanese, and Chinese
    Language packs
  • :
    • Improved behavior in plot3d when using numpoints and grid options
    • The plots[display] command now handles dual-axis plots inside array plots
  • Context-sensitive menus updated to include more graph theory commands
    Graph Theory:
  • Other improvements were made in:
    • Numeric integration
    • Physics package
    • SolveTools package
    • ArrayTools package
    • Debugger

    There is a list of all data analysis tools available for
    Mac OS X here.
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