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An interesting free virtual meeting from RSC-CICAG.

Scientists, librarians and publishers are all affected by the rapidly changing landscape of open access publishing, the proliferation of options available, and in some cases the confusion and uncertainty which can arise. The implementation of Science Europe's "Plan S", which stipulates that from 2021 scientific publications resulting from research funded by public grants must be published in compliant open access journals or platforms, will be a significant milestone. As well as examining the implications of Plan S in the UK and elsewhere, this meeting will explore the broader impact of open access publishing on the chemical sciences, addressing issues such as open access models, organisations' and end-users' experiences, licensing, ethics, benefits and pitfalls. Use cases illustrating new opportunities provided to chemistry by open publishing will also be presented.

Keynote: Dr Martin Hicks: 'Enabling Open Science'

Contributed talks:

Dr Marshall Brennan: 'ChemRxiv: Year One and beyond'
Rachel Bruce: 'Open access for UK Research and Innovation: emerging policy for 2021'
Clair Castle: 'How open are chemists?'
Dr Neil Hammond: 'Open Access: a society publisher's perspective'
Helen Malone: 'The growth in importance of open access sources in the pharmaceutical industry'
Prof Cameron Neylon: A tale of two societies: Are differences in open access policy driving a split in UK and US chemistry publishing?
Dr Tony Ross-Hellauer: 'Pros and cons of open peer review'
Dr Egon Willighagen: 'Open science in an open access world'

Full details and registration are here

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