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Bookends Updated


The popular reference management application Bookends has been updated. This looks to be a significant update with many bug fixes.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause mangled reference metadata to appear in the reference list.
  • Fixed a bug where editing the Notes field on the main tab would not update the Notes field in the Notes tab.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an error to be thrown if you edited a tag while the tag cloud was showing and then clicked on the tag cloud.
  • Fixed a scanning bug that prevented the year from being output when a citation used the year-only modifier (%) and had cited pages.
  • Fixed a bug where the font size of scanned in-text citations would be different from that of the paragraph's style sheet.
  • Fixed a bug in excluding words from capitalization where words consisting of a single accented character were ignored.
  • Fixed several bugs in case conversion that affected Title Case and Sentence case.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in malformed citations if you scanned a Word document twice in the same session with an Author-Date format.
  • Rating stars in the list view can no longer appear as white on a white background in refs that have been assigned a color label.
  • Fixed a bug in Find in This Reference.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented dropped text onto a note stream from being added to the new notecard.
  • Cited Pages once again work in scanned text files. Bookends Server works once again.
  • Fixed a problem where a Find/Replace with styles could change the style for an entire field.
  • Fixed an issue with JSTOR where the search would have to be done a second time for it to succeed.
  • Corrected the escaped BibTeX output for é.
  • Importing metadata from Web of Science in Bookends Browser works again.
  • The Key field, if shown in the reference list, will update automatically if you use Refs -> Generate BibTeX Key.
  • Fixed a bug where an author's surname was always used if a secondary order field in the format had content, even if the popup told Bookends to use the same name format as the first time.

Bookends on Tap and Bookends on Tap lit the corresponding applications for iOS are unchanged.

There is a list of reference management applications for Mac OSX here.

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