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Introductory video for iNMR


Giuseppe Balacco has posted an introductory video that shows many basic operations applied to a simple 1-H spectrum using iNMR

If you have any comments or suggestions I'm sure Giuseppe would be delighted to see them posted on the YouTube page.

iNMR is the software of your dreams: elegant yet affordable, straightforward yet complete, tightly integrated with the OS, well tested and fast. When your spectra are beautifully reproduced in full screen size and they respond immediately to your commands, that is the ultimate NMR experience! iNMR can do all the things you expect from a traditional NMR program (and ten times more), plus the things you would expect from a genuine Mac or Win application. The clean interface is the secret to the high user satisfaction and productivity. iNMR is being continuously updated and tailored to the needs of the customers. One-to-one support and tailored programming are included.

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