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December 2009 Mac OS X Share

The December data from Net Applications is in and the Mac OS X share continues to rise and is now up to 9.6% (MacIntel 7.19%; MacPPC 2.43%). This compares with 7.2% in December 2007 and 5.7% in December 2006, at this rate we may see 10% early in 2009.
iPhone share has also risen and now stands at 0.44%, if we add in the iPod (0.8%) then the share is up to 0.52%, some 10-fold higher than

Adoption of Windows Vista seems to be stalling the share increasing by just over 1% in the last quarter, with XP only slowly declining. Linux share after peaking at 0.93% in August has drifted slightly lower (0.85%).
For web browsers IE is now down to 68% with Firefox now grabbing 21% and Safari up to nearly 8%, in December 2004 IE had >90% share with Netscape, Safari, Opera, Mozilla and Firefox all scrambling for a few percent each.
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