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Whilst I'm not a big user of Fortran I know that the Fortran on a Mac page is one of the most frequently accessed pages so I thought I'd mention this.

I was just sent details of an upcoming meeting on Fortran.

FortranCon 2020, the first international conference targeting the Fortran programming language, will take place on July 2-4, 2020, in Zürich, Switzerland.

The FortranCon 2020 is organized in two full days with speaker presentations (2. and 3. July) and a half-day workshop (4. July)

In recent years Fortran has seen a series of new standards, improving the language in regards to object-oriented, parallel and general-purpose programming. This has spurred the development of several new projects written in and for Fortran, helping the Fortran programmers - in particular, the scientific community - to modernize their code and make it more maintainable.

The call for abstracts is open

Comments on the Covid-19 situation:

Even before the current pandemic we've planned to enable virtual participation (for both speakers and participants). In case the current situation persists, the conference will be held completely virtually.

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