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17th annual KDnuggets Software Data Analysis Poll


The results of the annual data analysis poll are in and show some interesting trends, in particular the dramatic increase in Python use.

R remains the leading tool, with 49% share (up from 46.9% in 2015), but Python usage grew faster and it almost caught up to R with 45.8% share (up from 30.3%).

Actually looking down the list I notice there is also an entry for scikit-learn, which is Python based, and if you add that in Python is now the most commonly used data analysis tool.

There was a 10% drop in the use of KNIME, and a 36% drop in the use of TIBCO Spotfire two products used in cheminformatics.

In terms of programming languages Python is by far the most extensively used.

Python 45.8% share (was 30.3%) 51% increase
Java 16.8% share (was 14.1%) 19% increase
Unix shell/awk/gawk 10.4% share (was 8.0%) 30% increase
C/C++ 7.3% share (was 9.4%) 23% decrease
Other programming languages 6.8% share (was 5.1%) 34.1% increase

In the Big Data area Hadoop (22.1%) and Spark (21.6%) dominate.

There is a listing of data analysis tools for MacOSX here.

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