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SAMPL6 comp chem challenge update


Version 1.3: Add pKa prediction challenge instructions, input files, submission template files, update on the future plans of logD challenge.

SAMPL6 pKa Challenge Instructions

Challenge timeframe: Oct 25, 2017 to Jan 10, 2018

This challenge consists of predicting microscopic and macroscopic acid dissociation constants(pKa)s of 24 small organic molecules. These fragment-like small molecules are selected for their similarity to kinase inhibitors and for experimental tractability. Our aim is to evaluate how well current pKa prediction methods perform with drug fragment-like molecules through blind predictions.

Three formats of pKa prediction results will be evaluated:

  • microscopic pKa values and related microstates
  • microstate populations as a function of pH
  • macroscopic pKa values

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