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I’ve just been reading this discussion, briefly it describes the trials and tribulations of trying to view and NMR using a variety of applications. A number of people have kindly offered help.
This was one suggestion:-
TOPSPIN: FILE -> SAVE... -> choose ‘Save data set in a JCAMP-DX file’ from the opening window. XWIN-NMR: FILE -> CONVERSION -> To JCAMP ->Start conversion, or enter the command [tojdx]. Reopen the raw data - TOPSPIN: FILE -> OPEN... -> choose ‘Open NMR data stored in special formats’ and 'JCAMP-DX' from dropdown window , or much easier – drag file into TOPSPIN application. - XWIN-NMR: FILE -> CONVERSION -> FROM JCAMP -> select data file by entering the right path (it’s a pain). Don’t forget to convert the FID to the spectra by Fourier-Transformation (command [fp] or [efp]) otherwise you’ll find the comment ‘1D raw data available – No processed data available’”

However this comment caught my eye..

It opens fine with a trial copy of iNMR

Maybe it is because I’m a Mac user but shouldn’t it just work like that?

There is a list of Mac compatible
spectroscopy applications here.

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