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Papers updated


The popular reference management application Papers has been updated.

Freehand annotations that were added using Papers 3 for iOS are now synched and displayed on Papers 3 for Mac! (Freehand annotation editing on Papers 3 for Mac will be added in a future update). Dragging one or more papers from your library into a note annotation will now add the citekey references to that note. Scripting API: It's now possible to set a publication's authors or editors via a string of person names:

tell application "Papers"
    set selectedPapers to selected publications of front library window
    set author names of first item of selectedPapers to "Griekspoor, A.C.; Neefjes, J.J.; Groothuis, T.A.M."
end tell

I’m delighted to see that they are already addressing bugs that have arisen in OS X 10.10 (Yosemite).

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