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ChemDoodle 2D v11 is Released


The latest update to the very popular chemical drawing package ChemDoodle has been released. This update brings fully chemically aware and self-calculating stoichiometry tables, automatic electron pushing arrows, and with the ability to recover chemical data embedded in Microsoft Office files.

Chemical data recovery from Microsoft Office files: (experimental feature) Round-trip editing is the process of embedding data from one application into another, that can then be recovered later. Chemists use this all the time when creating chemistry documents in Microsoft Word. ChemDoodle 2D has provided round-trip editing functionality on Windows, macOS and Linux since its inception and starting with version 10.4, users can paste chemical data from embedded ChemDraw images on macOS in ChemDoodle 2D.

However, there are several issues when relying on round-trip editing, as the user may not have continued access to the originating chemistry program or Microsoft Office, or may be working with an individual on a different operating system. Several times, Microsoft has removed the round-trip editing functionality in Office products. In all of these cases, the chemistry data in these files cannot be used. ChemDoodle 2D now provides a very unique solution for this problem, and can search and extract chemical data embedded in Microsoft Office files, regardless of the program they were created in, including ChemDoodle, ChemDraw, ChemSketch and Biovia Draw, and regardless of the operating system. You can now recover your chemical data from Word documents you created on Windows if you switch to Linux, and you can now edit chemical figures from a Word document on macOS with ChemDoodle from a colleague who uses ChemDraw on Windows.

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