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What’s in a Name: Terminology and Nomenclature the unsung heroes of open innovation


An interesting meeting for anyone who is interested the storing, exchange of chemicals, names or identifiers.

What’s in a Name:  Terminology and Nomenclature the unsung heroes of open innovation

21st October 2014
CICAG and ITaaU one Day Meeting
RSC, Burlington House, London

Introduction & Keynote
10.00 Registration and tea/coffee
10.30 Welcome. Representative from the Royal Society of Chemistry
10.40 Introduction. Jeremy Frey, University of Southampton

10.45 Keynote presentation: What's in a Name? Possibly Death and Taxes! Richard Hartshorn, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand; Past President, IUPAC Division of Chemical Nomenclature and Structure Representation

Nomenclature Challenges for the 21st Century
11.25 Extended Structures, Crystallography and Polymers – Challenges. Clare Tovee, Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre
11.45 Naming Polymers – Buy One Get One Free. Richard Jones, Emeritus Professor of Polymer Science, University of Kent; UK National Representative, IUPAC Polymer Division
12.05 The Importance of Chemical Identifier Standards in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Colin Wood, Enterprise Information Architect, R&D IT, GlaxoSmithKline
12.25 Discussion
12.45 Lunch

The Impact of Computers and the Web
13.30 The Web – What is the Issue? Egon Willighagen, Department of Bioinformatics, Maastricht University
13.50 Health and Safety and the Semantic Web. Mark Borkum, Department of Chemistry, University of Southampton
14.10 Defining Chemical Classes in OWL-based English for ChEBI. Janna Hastings, EBI
14.30 The IUPAC Green Book – Unit's Dictators Source Book? Jürgen Stohner, Zürich University of Applied Sciences; IUPAC Commission on Physicochemical Symbols, Terminology, and Units (Comm. I.1)
14.50 Reaction InChI – Distilling the Essence of a Chemical Transformation. Jonathan Goodman, University of Cambridge and Jeremy Frey, University of Southampton
15.10 Discussion
15.30 Tea/coffee

15.50 Keynote presentation: From Chaos Comes Order – Managing Data in Open Source Drug Discovery. Matthew Todd, University of Sydney

16.30 Discussion and RSC/CICAG Role
16.50 Meeting closes

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