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Novartis Open Source tools for Drug Discovery


I'm sure most readers of this site are aware of the Open-Source cheminformatics toolkit RDKit that was first developed in Novartis. However I wonder how many are aware of the other Open-Source tools that Novartis have supported.

You can read more about them here

The Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR) is pioneering new informatics tools for drug discovery. We believe in the power of open-sourced, global collaboration for the greater good. Join us to help patients worldwide.

They are available on GitHub here.

They include Habitat an object management system, OntoBrowser a tool to manage ontologies and controlled terminologies. YAP is an extensible parallel framework, written in Python using OpenMPI libraries, and GridVar a jQuery plugin that visualises multi-dimensional datasets as layers organised in a row-column format

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