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Bookends Updated

The reference management application Bookends has been updated to version 11.3.4 (December 23, 2012)

  • Autofill ISBN from any Amazon source In preferences, select which Amazon site (US, UK, Japan, etc.) to use to autofill references using the ISBN. This was previously limited to Amazon US. Note that many sites do not provide summary information.

  • Automatically exclude author and title from a citation or footnote If the temporary citation begins with &, Bookends will exclude the author and title (or secondary title) in the final citation or footnote.

  • The font size delta for small caps has been changed to 3 points (from 2)

  • Search Web Of Science for grant number and funding agency

  • JSTOR parser in Bookends Browser was updated to deal with changes made by JSTOR

  • Perform a Spotlight boolean NOT search by putting a minus sign directly in front of a word For example, to search for an attached pdf written by Smith and not Jones, search for "Smith -Jones" (without the quote marks).

  • Bookends Browser will detect DOIs on the Web Of Science web site and allow you to import references and pdfs by clicking on the green icon If not already present, the Web Of Science web site will be added to the Bookends Browser bookmarks.

  • Keywords shown in a column in the list view will be separated with semicolons Previously, only the first keyword was shown.

  • Bug fixes Improved check for a valid PMID in the PMID field when doing an Autofill From Internet. Fixed a bug that prevented text in fields being edited from being saved if some of the Action pop-up menu commands were invoked. Fixed a bug that could result in incorrect author-date sorts in citation groups if the name and date was separated by a space. Fixed a bug that caused an error when renaming a Type in preferences when a format window displaying that Type was open. The Reveal In Finder contextual menu now works in the reference pane view of the library window. Fixed a bug that could cause an error when syncing pdfs with Bookends On Tap. Fixed a problem where trying to open a pdf in Preview using the right-click hierarchical menu could result in an error. Fixed an error that could occur when changing the pop-up menu to select different search options in the Find dialog. Fixed an error that was generated with exporting a tab-delimited text file with attachments. Fixed a bug where the pdf display pane was not updated properly when replicating a Book as a Book Chapter.

There is a page of reference management applications here.

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