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MacResearch Webcast on Developing Apps for iPad to Cover Papers and Mental Case
On Tuesday 6th July, 2010, at 10am US Pacific time MacResearch will broadcast a free webcast on developing apps for the iPad. MacResearch's own Alexander Griekspoor and Drew McCormack will be the guests, and will discuss the process of porting Papers and Mental Case to the iPad.
The abstract of the talk:
Picturing the iPad as just a big iPod touch misses the point of the device entirely. iPad apps are not just scaled up iPhone apps. The extra screen real estate provided by the iPad challenges application developers to be more creative, and find efficient uses for the space. We'll discuss some of the dilemmas we faced in migrating two successful iPhone apps, Papers and Mental Case, to the iPad. We'll look at how designing and developing for the iPad differs from designing and developing for the iPhone, and in what ways it is similar. Our experiences marketing the apps will also be covered.
Information for joining the webcast live is as follows:
Webcast ID: MacResearch Passcode: 368176

More info here
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