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ChemBioDraw Update

ChemBioDraw Update from CambridgeSoft.

We have released a 12.0.1 update of ChemBioDraw/ChemDraw 12 that addresses several known MacOS 10.6 issues. With this update, users will be able to double-click files to open them. It will also enable users to type text in dialog boxes.
You can download the same from the following link.

There are still problems with the Plugin, which is not included in this update, with justifying text, and issues with pasting into iWorks applications. We are still working on a MacOS 10.6 compatible version to address these other issues and will announce that release on our Compatibility page once it is available.

This update does not address the problem with round-trip editing but at least it seems CambridgeSoft are working on the problem. Looking at the CambridgeSoft forum this is now the most viewed topic with more then double the number of views of any other topic.
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