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Chenomx NMR Suite

Chenomx NMR suite is an integrated suite of tools that allow you to easily identify and quantify metabolites in NMR spectra.
Chenomx Profiler offers you a broad range of tools to assist in identifying and quantifying compound concentrations based on data in an NMR spectrum.
Chenomx Signature Builder was developed to address a recurring customer request: the capability to add custom compounds to a Compound Library. Signature builder allows a user to create a signature that models the compound of interest.
Chenomx Spin Simulator is a simple yet powerful tool for creating simulations of NMR spectra, based on user-defined spin systems, coupling relationships and reference spectra. You can use these simulations as starting points for creating your own compound signatures based on fundamentals of NMR theory.
Chenomx Library Manager allows you to create and manage Compound Sets for use in Profiler. Compound Sets can contain any compound signatures in your library, including those from the Chenomx library as well as those that you create with Compound Builder.
Chenomx Processor allows a variety of native spectrum formats to be converted into the Chenomx file format. These include:
• Varian
• Bruker
• JCAMP (Version 5.0 and above)
In addition, Processor allows users to identify or manually override the automatically determined parameters for the Chemical Shift Indicator. Processor can also be used to determine and set a variety of properties for the spectrum, such as pH.
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