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At the WWDC on June 10 2013 Apple announced the latest version of the Mac OSX operating system and on the following October 22 they announced it was available as a free instal from the Mac App Store. Since then there have been two updates leading to the current 10.9.2.

As soon as the update was announced at the WWDC many software companies started checking and updating their software so that when Mac OSX 10.9 was released they had compatible updates available immediately or shortly after. I kept a list of scientific applications under Mavericks and have updated the list periodically. Most software is now compatible, or there are workarounds. However recently I was made aware of the situation with ChemBioDraw from Perkin-Elmer (formally Cambridgesoft). ChemBioDraw has been a major chemical drawing package on the Mac for as long as I care to remember however the current version is not compatible with Mavericks. Indeed when you look at the support forum there are reported issues with retina display dating back to 2012! A support topic that has been viewed nearly 6000 times but not yet fixed apparently. There are many comments of the support forum but perhaps this gives you a flavour.

I confirm, the copy/paste issue in Mac version of ChemDraw 13 makes it totally unusable!!!! I suggest this is not only a problem with the compatibility with Mavericks. It never worked in Mountain Lion too! This issue is at least one year old and the developers just continue to ignore this issue. ChemDraw 13.0 crashes >90% of the time when you copy/paste a structure.

As of writing there is no indication when there will be a fix or whether earlier versions of ChemBioDraw will also be updated. This software is very expensive $1140 for a one year license! So my question is what is a reasonable length of time to expect to wait for an update?

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