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Just heard this, October 7, 2020 ΜΆ US Patent No. 10,424,399 has been granted to Integrated Chemistry Design

The recently issued patent ( broadens coverage of the technology developed in Chirys Draw™ to include all graphic input devices, such as mice, touchpads, and graphic tablets in addition to mobile touch screens. The circle motion technology replaces cumbersome and outdated template tables with a natural circular motion to rapidly draw chemical rings with any device.

According to ICD co-founder and president, Dr. M. Catherine Johnson, “ICD’s comprehensive set of patented circular motions empowers chemists to draw complex chemical structures and reactions quickly and easily. By mapping how chemists draw with pen and paper to natural motions, the chemist can focus on capturing their ideas on any device instead of operating the software. The newly issued patent expands the ICD patent portfolio to include chemical ring structures on all devices that chemists use in daily work to draw chemical structures.”


More details of the products are available here.

The chemical drawing package Chirys Draw for iPad is on the mobile science site as is Asteris the Medchem design tool.

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