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Google Summer of Code Open Chemistry


The Open Chemistry Google Summer of Code will be open for proposals on March 16 2020.

Just enough time to have a look at the GSoC Ideas 2020 lots of opportunities to contribute and learn.

The Open Chemistry project is a collection of open source, cross platform libraries and applications for the exploration, analysis and generation of chemical data. The organization is an umbrella of projects developed by long-time collaborators and innovators in open chemistry such as the Avogadro, Open Babel, and cclib projects. These three alone have been downloaded over 1,000,000 times and cited in over 2,000 academic papers. Our goal is to improve the state of the art, and facilitate the open exchange of chemical data and ideas while utilizing the best technologies from quantum chemistry codes, molecular dynamics, informatics, analytics, and visualization.

If you are interested in contributing why not download the source code for one of the projects, have a play around and get familiar with the code.

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