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Aabel Updated

The data analysis tool Aabel has been updated to version 2.2,
This update include:
• Polynomial trend surface analysis of XYZ and matrix data
• Matrix cellwise operations
• Hammer projection (added to already existing 18 projection systems)
• State plane coordinates (US) supporting all 134 zones, NAD127 and NAD83
• Displaying real world coordinates of the cursor position on X-Y charts, so that data can be read as you drag over a graph
• Copying real world coordinates of a drawing positioned over an X-Y chart
• Allowing the use of log scale in column/clustered column and bar/clustered bar charts, without breaking the viewer backward compatibility (i.e., by adding a separate plot type that also permits changing the datum position)
• Modification of the row-wise calculation syntax (in the worksheet formula editor and data manipulator) to permit any number of variables to be included in such calculations
• An added feature to the Kaplan-Meier logrank significance test, allowing the choice of either pair-wise comparisons or comparing pairs while taking into account all groups
• Enhancement in the way that moving average is used in matrix contour, minimizing artifacts at the boundaries
• An added option to allow flipping an axis direction in a contour matrix diagram
• An added option in clustered univariate charts (i.e., box & whisker, box percentile, the diamond mean comparison plot, bar and line plots of mean, median, min., and max.), which allows removing the grid lines separating groups belonging to different variables
• An added option to pie charts to allow removing the outline of the pie slices

There is also a comprehensive listing of data analysis tools for MacOSX

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