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I just got this message so I thought I'd pass it on, I'll update any scripts that use the chemical identifier resolver in the New Year.

To all users of programmatic services on the web server of the CADD Group at the NCI/NIH:

The CACTUS web server will move to a significantly reconfigured system on new hardware by the end of the year. This move is planned to take place during the last week of December 2015. This move will also entail a change of the host's IPv4 address. Concurrent with the cut-over, the HTTPS protocol will be enabled for all services. Both HTTP and HTTPS will be supported in parallel for a transition period. We plan to turn off HTTP permanently by end of March 2016. Disruptions to users caused by the move should be minimal. If you encounter any bugs or different behavior starting 1/1/2016, please let us know immediately.

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