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JupyterLite runs entirely in a web browser


I've only just stumbled across this. JupyterLite is a JupyterLab distribution that runs entirely in the browser built from the ground-up using JupyterLab components and extensions, no need to start a Python Jupyter server on the host machine.

Python kernel backed by Pyodide running in a Web Worker Initial support for interactive visualization libraries such as altair, bqplot, ipywidgets, matplotlib, and plotly JavaScript and P5.js kernels running in an IFrame View hosted example Notebooks and other files, then edit, save, and download from the browser's IndexDB (or localStorage) Support for saving settings for JupyterLab/Lite core and federated extensions Basic session and kernel management to have multiple kernels running at the same time Support for Code Consoles

You can try it out here, all you need is a static web page.

Could be very useful for teaching.

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