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Script Debugger has been updated

Script Debugger an advanced script editor has been updated.

Improved Inline Find & Replace Inspector Window and Result Drawer Unification
Script Debugger 5.0 combines Script Debugger 4.5′s various floating inspector panels and its Result drawer into three ‘tabs’ displayed along the right-hand side of each document.
New Bundle Editor Script Debugger 5.0 offers a new bundle editor where you can manipulate the resources contained within a bundled script or a script application.
Floating Mini Debugger This new window floats above all your applications.
New Value Explorer A central feature of Script Debugger is its value Explorers which let you inspect values. For Script Debugger 5.0, value Explorers have been completely re-implemented and simplified. The result is a much more powerful and efficient tool for examining values and exploring the objects and properties offered by the scriptable applications that you control in your scripts.
Element Filtering Script Debugger 5.0’s new Scope Bar lets you remove unwanted information from Explorers. For example, unselecting the ‘Empty Elements’ filter removes empty elements from the Explorer’s display.
Improved Handling of Large Element Collections Script Debugger 4.5 could slow down when displaying large element collections, such as the rows in a database. Script Debugger 5.0 avoids this problem by initially displaying only the first 30 rows. Data is then retrieved from the application for only those rows visible in the Explorer. Other rows are read only when they are scrolled into view. Press the new show more button to view additional rows.
New Apple Event Log Script Debugger 5.0 introduces an entirely new Apple Event Log which is integrated directly into the script window.Apple Events are now retained even when the log is not visible, allowing you to look at the event log without having to plan ahead. Additionally, you can change formats (source, raw, AEPrint) on the fly without having to re-run your script.
Explorable Local Variables When stepping through handlers, local variables containing object references can be explored in Script Debugger 5.0. Additionally, object references passed into handlers can show the target application.
Conditional Breakpoints Script Debugger 5.0 lets you assign conditions and actions to breakpoints.
Separate Running & Debugging Toolbars Script Debugger 5.0 offers two toolbar configurations: one for when debugging is disabled; and another for when debugging is enabled. You can customize the toolbar based on how you are using Script Debugger 5.0.
Script Debugger 5.0 improves its object model diagrams by showing element (one-to-many) relationships, and property (one-to-one) relationships.
Improved Spotlight Indexing
Fully 64-Bit Native

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