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ChemDoodle Updated

ChemDoodle 3.3 was released over the weekend.

You can read the full details of the added features and bug fixes in the press release, but notable features include:
  1. Explicit atom label text formatting - A new toolbar appears when typing atom labels to allow you to override the default chemical interpretation and text styling. You can now easily add labels such as "iPr", "iPr" and "R10".
  2. Rendered bond merging - Wedge-Single, Wedge-Wedge, Wedge-Bold and Bold-Bold connections are now fused for excellent rendering of complex molecules.
  3. Simple workspace resizing - ChemDoodle no longer takes up the entire screen on large resolution devices.
  4. New "Kekulize" function - ChemDoodle will assign double bonds to structures in an appropriate way that maximizes delocalization.
  5. New calculations and descriptors - thermodynamic estimations, Kappa shape indices, Chi molecular connectivity indices, rotatable bond count
  6. New arrow types - Retrosynthetic, Hollow Bold, Rearrangement

Great to see a number of the feature requests from users included in the new version!

There is a review of ChemDoodle on the
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