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Macs in chemistry Annual site review


It is interesting to look at the Google Analytics data for the website at the end of each year to see what was popular.

Overall there were nearly 200,000 page views with around 70% of the visitors being new to the site. The visitors come from 186 different countries and spent an average of 2 mins on the site.

Around 86% are using a desktop or laptop and 14% using a mobile device (Phone or tablet). 60% of the visitors are using Mac OS, 23% Windows and 10% iOS, with remainder split between Linux, Android and a variety of alternative mobile OS. Safari, Chrome and Firefox are the most popular browsers.

As might have been expected the most popular blog entry was the Scientific Applications under Yosemite, followed by the instructions for installing Molden and 3D stereo viewing on a Mac.

Looking at the blog categories the top 3 were Chemical Drawing, Molecular Modelling and Computational Chemistry.

The most popular review articles were Comparison of clipboard managers, Fortran on a Mac and the review of the metabolism prediction software FAME.

In the Hints and Tutorials section the most popular was the tutorial describing How to create Safari Extensions, Setting up a Mac for Cheminformatics and the ChemDoodle Reviews.

In the AppleScript Section the Curl script was the most popular, followed by the Print clipboard script.

Other popular pages include Data Analysis tools, Spectroscopy and Reference Management.

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