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The Electronic LabNotebook Findings has been updated

1.1.1, build 2396,
New psychology field, subscription to beta updates, and small fixes and improvements.
Release notes for version 1.1.1:
New: psychology field and subfields in the protocol library, as well as additional subcategories for the cookery "field".
New: subscription to pre-release versions of Findings. To be notified of beta versions, check the corresponding box in Preferences > Options.
Improvement: multiple spaces can be inserted, instead of being collapsed into one.
Improvement: native full-screen window button in Yosemite.
Improvement: displaying the year for dates outside the current year in the experiment cards.
Fix: typing composed characters using special keyboard input (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, etc) could lead to extra "fantom" characters.
Fix: undo not working when deleting an attachment while the selection includes part of the legend.
Fix: now showing styled text for the next task in experiment cards, instead of exposing the ugly and confusing markup.
Fix: experiment cards scrolling area not properly aligned with the window borders.
Fix: removing unused menu items that would only lead to confusion.
Fix: unsightly baseline changes when applying subscript or superscript.
Fix: the window would sometimes remain blank after exiting the welcome guide or the store.
Fix: rare issue where Dropbox sync could not be started because of an attachment with an extension starting with 'fd'.
Fix: library would not load when using Dropbox and the OS X account name is different from the home folder name.

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