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Bringing Scientific Applications to Mac OS X

There is a poll on MacResearch asking about options for bringing some Mac support to scientific applications.

"I've been approached by several companies recently who are thinking of bringing their applications to the Mac platform. The applications in question are major computational chemistry and chemoinformatics applications costing $000's. They were originally used in a UNIX enviroment (IRIX, Solaris, HP-UX etc.) and more recently support for LINUX has been added. Some parts of the applications have been ported to Windows but in the main they remain UNIX based. Prior to the move to Intel processors any thought of supporting MacOSX was out of the question but now it could be feasible.

The cost of porting to MacOSX will be significant and since much of their revenue comes from the Pharma industry, which is under severe financial pressure at the moment, they need to be really careful about where they put their development dollars.
One way to “test the water” would be to offer a fully supported version running under Parallels or VMWare. This would be fully tried, tested and optimised together with full support. If there were sufficient users it may then be possible to justify a Mac OS X port.
So the Poll question is which environment should they focus on? Parallels is well established but VMWare offers multi-processor support which may be critical for these sort of applications. The Linux versions are probably more fully featured but Windows might be more familiar? Or is only MacOSX native acceptable even if this means the applications may never be ported?
So the Poll is there, please vote and if there are developers who want to add comments to the poll you would be more than welcome."

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