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Macinchem Website Review


I just had a quick look at the server logs to get a view on the Macinchem website usage.

There were 63,000 visitors to the site of which 25% returned to the site on multiple occasions, the visitors came from 186 different countries with the US, UK and Germany topping the listings.

The most viewed pages were

The update to Sierra proved to be mostly painless with many applications reporting "no known issues".

iBabel was downloaded 1216 times

iBabel is a GUI (graphical user interface) for the open source cheminformatics toolkit OpenBabel. It also provides an interface to a variety of tools built using OpenBabel and a molecule viewer.


Safari and Chrome were each used by around 40% of visitors, with Firefox on 14%, the once dominant Internet Explorer was below 3%. 60% of the visitors are using Mac OSX, 25% Windows and 9% OS. Looking at the last months data around 55% are using Mac OSX 10.12 and a further 28% Mac OSX 10.11 suggesting most visitors are migrating to the latest version of the operating system promptly.

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